My Wood – is a manufacturer and exporter of  quality lumber and construction timber from Ukraine.

  • Well-known company in Ukraine with flexible business conditions

  • Harmonious mechanism of work

  • Monthly output >3000 cubic meters

  • 10 years of experienceon international markets

  • FSC& PEFC Certified

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The company has its production cycle process – from logs, to a complete and desired product.

  • Capable of drying > 1,000 cubic meters of timber per month with possibility to increase volume

  • Our saw-mill, is located in the North of Ukraine in one of the most forestry areas in the country

My Wood
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Завод Polimin 550 376
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Fmalgaut Group is one of the largest holdings in Ukraine in the sphere of construction industry and has successful experience in working with key and major DIY networks across the country.

   The Group was founded in 1994 and employs more than 1,200 professionals with Fomalgaut-Polimin being the largest Company in the Group.


   Since 1998, the Company produces building mortars under own trade name ‘Polimin’, and today Fomalgaut-Polimin hold the second place with 22% of market shares on Ukrainian market among  with domestic producers.


   The Company has 5-factories of dry mortars with the total output exceeding 370 thousand tons per year.

Geography of Production Facilities

  • Two factories in Kiev

  • Factory in Krasnyy Liman (Region of Donetsk)

  • Plant in  Tsyurupinsk (Region of Kherson)

  • Plant in Pustoivannoe (Region of Rovno)

All production process and  production facilities of ТМ Polimin comply with high European requirements and standards – ISO 9001, EN 12004, EN 13813.

See more information about POLIMIN on our official web-site in Ukraine.